How to Soar Really High As Freelancer in 2021

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The best way to plan for your success in 2021 as a freelancer is to visualize how you want the year to end. What are the things you will like to have achieved by Dec 30, 2021 ?
Freelancing in Nigeria is becoming more popular especially among talented students who have no sponsors or other means of survival. I remember when I was an undergraduate in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife back in the day, I would freelance writing, blogging, even tutoring fellow students to make ends meet. The only means of advertising my skills was by typing the ad on an A4 sheet and making several photocopies to post on notice boards in hostels and lecture halls. One more disadvantage that came with that style of advert was that my customers were limited to few students on campus who ever paid attention to the ad on the notice boards. i couldn’t reach potential customers outside the University campus.
Well, those old days are gone now and Jolancer is here to help you spread the news about your skills and freelance services FOR FREE!

Follow the following steps if you are ready to earn BIG in 2021.

  1. Think about your desired results. Let’s say that my desired outcomes for 2021 are as follows: increase my client roster, pitch new blog ideas, and write a book.
  2. Specify. I assign specific attributes to each outcome. Increase my roster by 20 clients; pitch 3 blog ideas to 3 different outlets; and write a book about writing. Keep in mind that outcomes must be tangible and measurable. They are the finish line.
  3. Evaluate each new opportunity in relation to your goal. As you are seeking freelance opportunities, circle back to your stated outcomes. Think about how, or if, this opportunity is moving you closer to your desired results. Then determine if the opportunity is aligned or adrift.
  4. Monitor your progress. Throughout the year, measure your success (or failure) based upon how close you are to hitting your targets. If you find that you are far off and some of your goals were too ambitious, you can make slight adjustments, but it is important that you don’t forsake your desired results.

Remember: “Lazy bones look for fast money so they end up losing all their sweat with MMM; Endeavour to study and acquire some skills so you can earn from your sweat and be proud you did!”

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