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Power point presentation and writing of business plan
Phagoroye (0)
Registration of business names and companies at CAC
dave (0)
Freelance ICT Instructor
Data capturing and entry
Rohteem03 (0)
Recording Session
My favourite shoes
Computer Engineer
Automobile car-washing and general home services
Excel Expert
Creative duo (copy writer and art director) based in Nigeria needed for a communications project
Ministers of the gospel
I can help you to source and buy goods in computer village
panton (0)
Video editing, video graphics, script writing and write up on any health matters
damilton (0)
School Management System
chrisuwem (0)
Cynthia cleaning services
Seminar Facilitation
Web development,social media promotion,marketing,advicing
Architect and Construction Manager
MfonJonah (0)
Typing of Projects, Documents and editing
Pehlummi (0)