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Edeson infotech global services’ is a freelance internet company founded by me, Mr. Endy Edeson in 2009, port-Harcourt but now based in Lagos state. Over the years, it gladdens me that i am providing services to individuals, organisations and companies in Nigeria and around the world. I want you to be among my happy clients. Do you need a website or a blog for your business? If so, please contact me immediately. I design websites and blogs. Location is no barrier. I can design your website if you are not living in Lagos. I have even design websites for people living abroad (London, America, Ghana, France etc) you will get a discount if you are among first 5 persons that will call me today. Benefits you get for patronizing me: 1. Free custom email 2. Free android app for your business 3. Free marketing and promotion of your website/business online 4. Free periodic updates and 24 hours support system.

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Endy Edeson is a prominent Lagos based Website Designer, Freelancer, Blogger, Online Documentary Producer and Internet Marketer. He is the founder of Edeson Online News and the CEO of Edeson InfoTech Global Services.

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