Why Freelancing is a Great Career Choice in Nigerian Work Industry

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Jolancer - Why Freelancing is a Great Career Choice in Nigerian Work Industry

Freelancing culture in Nigeria has been constantly growing over the years, which is not entirely surprising because freelancing has become the favourite choice of many Nigerians due to its flexibility and the varieties of options it offers.
The digital talent world been been heightened by the pandemic causing a lot of people to become virtual workers which so far, has been the preferred career choice over the regular desk jobs especially
because of its unspecific work hours.

Things to know before choosing a freelance career in Nigeria

Freelancing can be liberating in a lot of ways but there are qualities you need to possess before considering a freelance profession.

  1.  Versatility: Being versatile with the ability to work solo and being satisfied with the remote world is the most important part of choosing a freelance career in Nigeria.
  2. Orderliness and Organization: Having good organization skills to be able to manage your work hours since you will be in full control of your time.
  3.  Good Communication skill: Having a good communication skills is an essential part of freelancing, because you will be having constant conversations with your clients to be able to stay on track.
  4.  Self-motivation: Being self-motivated to be able to reach your target because successful freelancing needs self motivation.If you possess these qualities then freelancing is an ideal career choice for you.

Why freelancing is a great career option in Nigeria

There are a lot of pros to becoming an independent freelance professional in Nigeria.

  1.  Freedom: This is just one of the benefits of freelancing that can’t be ignored. Freelancers in Nigeria usually do not have a crazy contract with their clients as it is with full-time employment, so it gives them the freedom to leave the work if they don’t like the working conditions or stipulations.
  2. Working remotely: Working from home is a dream for many workers as it’s deal for balancing work and private life.
  3. Flexibility: Flexible working hours can really make life easier as you can conveniently organize your schedule as you want.
  4.  Little or no cost: Freelancing in Nigeria has no start-up cost as you can easily get started by just registering on freelance sites like Jolancer.
  5. No dress code: Formal dressing can sometimes be a burden to some persons. Freelancers can be doing their work orders while in an informal dress code or even in their pyjamas — what could
    be better than this?
  6. Be your own boss: If regular 9-to-5 jobs makes you feel like you’re being confined in your job then freelancing can be the best option for you. While freelancing in Nigeria, you get to be your own boss, making the decisions on when to work, choose who you work with and with absolutely zero commute.

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