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I will convert article to video with a computerized voice over

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I will convert blog post, text, article to video with voice over professionally. because converting a blog post, text or to convert article to video is very hard so sit back and relax!

People spend 2.6x as much time on pages with visuals as they do on pages without. That’s why, converting text, or to convert article to video is very important.

If you aren’t using visuals in your marketing strategy, you’re missing a golden opportunity to deepen your connection with your customers. So, It’s the best time to convert your text or to convert article to video.


  • Convert text to video with voice-over
  • Company Logo as a Watermark(for branding purposes).
  • Add subtitle with animation.
  • Convert article to video with voice-over
  • Add intro and outro if provided.
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Hello, my name is jawad ali and I´m from Pakistan. I am 25year old computer science student and one of my biggest passion is creating videos and coding softwares. I have about 1 years of experience in this line. I provide great video editing and color correction. If I am working on something I always try to do my best and finish my work as soon as possible. Feel free to contact me and you can ask me any questions, I would like to help you. :)

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