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  •  I never really liked the concepts of vacations. It wasn’t something that i enjoyed very much. I liked to stay in the comfort of my home and read a book. I was incredibly uncomfortable travelling far away, but there isn’t really an option when you don’t spend enough time with your family.

That’s why i’m currently seated at the back of my parents SUV, my earbuds in and the Wallows screaming in my ears. South Haven is a charming beach town in Michigan and also where my Grandparents live—well one grandparent cause my pop pop died a few years ago. It’s a beautiful place that’s just big enough for everyone to know each other. Despite not liking Vacations, i’ve always loved coming here.

After feeling a tap on my shoulder, i turn to see my brother with his hands stretched above his head. He turns his head to the direction of mother, who seemed to have been trying to get my attention for some time.

Taking out my earbud, she looks a little irritated as i give her a half smile.

“We’ll be arriving soon,” She says, shaking her head.

I nod in reply and put my earbuds back on. My dad pulls up into a neighborhood filled with big, old houses. It’s not like we came from old money or anything, but we were content and my grandfather used to live here before he passed. The last time i was here was during the funeral. My parents didn’t want granny staying here anymore since she’d be alone, but knowing her, she refused. I wouldn’t want to leave South Haven either, if i were her. There’s just something about being on the beach.

We eventually arrive at a big house with a perfectly trimmed lawn. I can still make out some portions of the apple tree at back, but everyone else looks different from what i remember.

My parents are the first to pile out of the car, Mason and i following right after. My Grandmother is standing at the open doorway, a huge grin on her face. My lips quiver slightly at the corners and i race towards her, jumping into her open arms and breathing her in. Even though everyone about the house seems different, her scent is still the same as it fills my nose. She smells just like salt water and fresh apples.

I step away to look at her and say, “I missed you, Granny.”

“It’s good to see you, Lily,” She says, placing her hands on my cheeks and giving it a quick pinch.

“You haven’t changed,” I laugh and move away to let Mason get his turn. Mason gives Granny a kiss on the cheek before hugging her, and i even here him say how much he missed her apple pie while i walk back to the car.

My bags were already out of the car, courtesy of my dad. I quickly thanked him, slinging one of my bags over my left shoulder and pull my box towards the door. Mason already went in with Grandma, probably expecting Dad to bring his bags along.

Finally, i get my bags into the house and take in the open floor before me. I guess Grandma got a lot of work done in this place because it’s so different now. My room is still the same except from the king size bed that’s pushed up against the wall.

“I didn’t think changing your room was a good idea,” Grandma says from behind me, “I’ll leave you to it. Come down for dinner when you’re done.”

The moment i hear the door click shut, i drop face down on the plush bed. It feels like i’m laying on a bed of clouds. It’s impossible not to sleep off immediately your head hits the pillow.

I have a feeling i’m going to have a good time in South Haven.

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