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Jolancer is serving as a dedicated platform for skilled Nigerian youths to register their profiles, and bid for projects in their line of expertise(skills); and as a platform for project owners (clients) to find qualified freelancers for their projects thereby, reducing their expenses on particular projects.

Jolancer is developed to bridge the gap between Freelancers and Project Owners/ Contractors/ Clients in Nigeria. The good thing is that there is a possibility for a freelancer to eventually get a full-time job with the client company. Projects can be posted and found in various categories like IT & Programming, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Data Entry, Finance, and Sales & Marketing, etc. Creating an account, finding work, or posting a project is free of cost. Start Now!

This is a platform created to encourage young Nigerian Entrepreneurs who wish to create jobs for themselves and others.
Jolancer was created out of the great demand generated by the numerous startups and small businesses to find freelancers or contractors; and clients for their work. There is no limitation to skill types or projects submitted by a user. From our survey, we have discovered that some big & notable companies may be very reluctant in taking any risk of hiring some fresh graduate who may be a ‘complete stranger’ even in the field he had studied at the University. Therefore, this is your opportunity to go out there, borrow or buy books; invest in yourself; and build yourself; follow tutorials on Youtube, Coursera, and other free learning platforms then, take projects on Jolancer to challenge yourself. As you bid from time to time and complete projects, you get better and better and increase your confidence. Your Jolancer achievements can even be presented to companies of your dreams in the future, to boost your chances of getting a job.

Why Jolancer?

Jolancer helps Startups to really start on low capital by hiring Nigerian freelancers who can work locally, and perhaps, in the same city as the Client.
Nigeria, being a country with over 250 million people (over 20 million Youth) has an alarming unemployment rate. One only needs to study the report by the National Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria, and the real picture becomes clearer.

We have a lot of talented graduates but without jobs. The future of Nigeria lies in the hands of the youths but unfortunately, there are no jobs and enough opportunities for our youths to make the change they dream of. This situation has brought some youths to depression, giving up on dreams and a few becoming desperados (gamblers, thieves or kidnappers) all because they must survive!
Jolancer wants to re-awaken the dreams of our youths by linking freelancers up with clients that need their services.

We Encourage “Made in Nigeria”

Jolancer supports the “Made in Nigeria” dream. This platform is here to encourage our youths to believe in themselves again and to bring hope to bigger companies that this is a nation blessed with a lot of talented programmers; writers; designers; marketers and so on. A nation worth exploring by businesses from across the world.

In the future, we shall have Jolancers working remotely for companies abroad and beyond! We are ready to connect you!

We are Starting Here:

First of all, Nigeria has a number of job sites but unfortunately, it is still the same story with job situations as the number of graduates in search of jobs and ready to compete over a limited space is much more than imaginable.

We have seen the ordeals that job seekers pass through, paying huge amounts of money to participate in job interviews and tests. Unfortunately, the desperation in getting “some job” has made job seekers vulnerable. Shall we talk about the extortion by those companies or the crazy requirements they request from fresh graduates & job seekers!? We have even heard of some job seekers paying with their bodies in order to get a position, and doing much more (horrible things)in going the extra mile so as to qualify for that position.
Jolancer is encouraging you to have some confidence in yourself and bid for projects right here to earn some money for yourself and your family.

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