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*Pip Squeak*

From nothing my dear, Remember we came

Do not forget, our end still remains the same

Not all with phallus you see are handsome

‘’She is Pretty’’- that’s a thought that can hold you at ransom

Your substance, your value and integrity should be germane

Nurture it- the bigger the kingdom, the fuller the mane

Don’t sacrifice your Hayaa for a ‘’few likes’’

Because on the Day of Judgment, no one would look twice

Or to you, it’s a problem lowering your gaze,

Go wear a footy, with a beautiful shoe lace

To our cravings we constantly remain subservient

When in reality, our creator’s warning perpetually ambient

Nullity is who we are

Yet futility we do revere

© _*Ashraf Scribbles: using words to save the world*_


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