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I will manually backup and restore your WordPress site in 6 hours

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++++Create Backups of your site

++++Restore your site from backups

I do create backups of your site and automate the backup process and restore your site from backups also.

i can also create manual backup and restore your site

Why Manual backup is Good?

whenever you backup your site with the help of plugins then it have chance to incomplete the backup process, But at manual method every files and folder will be complete backup no files and folder will be lost. therefore for backup/restore/migration/transfer MANUAL method is 100% successful method. I can also fix others issues.

I will backup WordPress and install auto-backup software.

cPanel backup PHP My Admin database backup ftp backup Restore sites data backups files backup images backup Restore hacked sites

restore WordPress WordPress backup all in one migration

What i need:

* your host(cPanel) login details OR server login details

* backup files if available.

check packages descriptions when order.

ORDER NOW to start work on it.

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