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I provide excellent services in Proofreading and Editing of materials for the Academic Community, Christian Religious Books, Students’ Projects, Articles for journals and many more.

I will be excited to take up any of the above listed jobs from any client because I am qualified. I possess the requisite experience, education, training and skills, tools needed to perform the job remotely from anywhere.

I have the necessary facilities required to carry out the proofreading and editing, transcription of video recordings and data entry that may sometimes be involved in the job from the comfort of my home office.

I will be super excited to take up jobs because I am totally free without any distractions that come from children.

I have the capacity to work independently with instructions from my client in order to deliver quality jobs as per their specifications.

I am confident I would be a great addition and asset to a team because I am highly focused, disciplined worker and committed to delivering tasks timely without delay. There is no doubt in my mind that I will add value to any business which will positively impact profitability.

Looking forward to receiving your order or call.

ngozi jack-osimiri

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24, Feb 2022
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I am a diligent proofreader with experience in assessing and correcting variety of research texts from clients, friends and students. Excellent in editing and formatting, good communication skills in explaining needed changes to clients. I have a very good command of English language both spoken and written and that is an important skill in this job. My previous role enabled me acquire the skills of writing contracts, writing to suppliers, agents etc, without a sound communication background wou