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I Publish Android Apps On Google Play Store

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Once the development and testing phases are finished, the moment of truth arrives: the very moment when you publish your app on google play. It’s time to show your APP to users and wait for downloads to start. Why being featured on the google play store matters • Enhanced App Visibility. • Higher Numbers of APP Downloads. • Increased Revenue. • High-Quality, Engaged Users. • Easier APP Promotion. You can give us access to your developer account and send us the APK files of the application or we will publish the app on our developer account. We will take care of the rest and publish your android to the stores in less than 24 hours. Your APP will be visible and live on google Playstore within 2 days.

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  • If you don't have a developer account and you want me to set up a developer account to upload your APP, you pay extra for ₦10,000

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