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Coming to Jolancer is an opportunity to work for you and with you. Having worked at national and international levels for individuals, companies, corporate bodies and agencies, am here with my wealth of experiences powering over 500 SME’s owners, creating a database of over 200 business ideas, plans and strategies, Consulting for over 200 businesses, products and services. Am the brain behind most innovative and outstanding businesses. My purpose here is to help SME owners, enterprenuers, start ups etc, develop and manage a successful business.
A graduate of MOUAU
Am Mindpower business graduate
A member of international business Consultants.
Am an entrepreneur in making, a business strategist and consultant.
My solutions include:
Business Consulting
Business idea development and management
Business plan development
Accounting/Financial planning and auditing
Money creation and management
Developing Entrepreneurial opportunities
SME start up, funding and management
and lots more

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