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Short stories, poems, non-fiction, articles and various other kinds of write-ups on different subjects.

6:33 a.m. You wake up and feel around you with your fingers, hoping to grasp Susan’s bosom. But your fingers keep tugging into the bed sheet with each attempt. A thought crosses your mind. She must have woken up earlier and will probably be in the kitchen, preparing breakfast. But she is not there. ‘Susan! Susan!’ You search for her everywhere. In the living room. In the bathroom. At the backyard. Everywhere. But still you do not find her. You are beginning to lose your mind. You are out in the streets. Searching. Still searching for Susan. You slow down as you begin to notice, and marvel at the strangeness of everything around you.
It’s almost 7a.m, yet you are all alone in the streets. No pedestrians. No okada men. No keke drivers. Just you. And you are beginning to get afraid. You start to run. You run past shops, past churches, past schools, yet you do not meet anyone on the way. You have heard the preacher talk about rapture and end time, but you always thought he was telling stories. Now you are face to face with reality. Rapture has happened- and you are the only human left on earth.
It is night and you are still running. You trip- and fall on your back. You look up at the sky. It seems the moon and stars are falling. They are coming closer. Closer. They are going to fall on you- and crush you. You put your right hand over your face and let out a yell.
‘Madam, he has psychosis,’ you hear the doctor say. Susan is standing by you. You are all wrapped up in whites- and you wonder what happened to you. You do not remember falling off the balcony the previous day.

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